Korg Monotron

I just wanted to share my impression about the Korg Monotron. The Monotron is not a joke, it’s a real analog synth !

Ok it’s small and cheap but frankly, it sounds great and I’m pretty sure that the -12db lowpass filter (same as the one on the Korg MS-20) is not stranger to this fact ūüėČ

The design of the Monotron is very simple :
One oscillator, One LFO, One filter, 5 rotary knobs, one switch, one output, one input, one volume wheel and a ribon keyboard.

It cost only 50 euros and frankly you should not avoid such an expense !
This little thing is powered with 2 AAA battery(included) and the autonomy is far more than 8h.

The plastic case is reasonably robust for such a small toy and the rotary knobs are very precise ! The ribbon keyboard is a bit tricky to use and require some fine tuning and training.

In addition there are already some mods available and as you can see the technical schema is pretty simple!