The Korg Monotron was my first analog synth and I must admit that I was quite impressed by it…

It did not take long to convince myself to buy another analog synth. To do so I made my inquiry and after a few months It was clear that the new one would be the “Doepfer Darkenergy” or the “Dave Smith instrument Monophonic Synth√©tiser” alias Mopho for intimates…

Finally, I’ve choosed the Mopho because despite the fact that he has no USB interface, this one was more modern, has a built in 4 tracks sequencer, and has also an internal memory containing 384 factory presets…

MoPho basses

The sound of the Mopho is incredible, powerfull, warm… In one word, There is no way to compare such instrument to a virtual synth even if it comes from Arturia…

I never could get such rich and powerfull sound with a software synth because whats comming out this beast is so living !

I’ll come back later to make a complete review about it !

Moog Taurus MK II

I’ve recently tested the Taurus MK I soundbank from Loopmasters and this was the occasion for me to make my own Taurus in Reason but with the MK II as model !

This patch is still in beta stage but I think that the present result is on the good way !

I’ve also made a special backdrop for it and here is a screenshot of what it looks like :

And here is the original :

Here is the combinator :

Taurus MK II