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New theme for Avalon-Zone

New theme for Avalon-Zone !

After a few month of site inactivity, I decided to renew the look and feel of the interface !
I think that this new interface is more “modern” and less static than the previous one and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much I do 😉

Any news ? Yes !

I have a musical theme haunting my mind since a long time ago, I don’t know why but I can’t get rid of it ! The following song, “Gonna Revive” wich was so named because it always come back in my head is available here in it’s 8th version since 1997 😉
For the moment, there is no real mixing/mastering because it’s still a WiP but I recently added a track made the Monotribe and wanted you to hear it and tell what you think. To listen to it, just select the “Gonna Revive (WIP)” track in the playlist.

Here is the hardware/software present in this song.

  • Synapse Audio Dune
  • D16 Group Nepheton
  • Cockos Reaper
  • D16 Group Toraverb
  • Korg M1 Legacy
  • TAL Dub III Delay
  • Cytomic The Glue
  • Stillwell 1973
  • Berhinger MIC 100
  • M-Audio Audiophile 192
  • Dave Smith Instrument MoPho
  • Korg Monotribe (Midi Mod)

Excepting this reworked old song, I’ll be soon the Happy owner of an Elektron Octatrack that I hope will free me from my computer, at least during the first steps of the creation process. For those who don’t know what the Octatrack is, here is the Elektron’s Octatrack product page. I also invite you to look a the promo video which is really amazing !

Arturia MINIBRUTE Analog Synthesizer

It is not really new for me but I had to keep this secret 😉
ARTURIA will release his first genuine ANALOG Synth and he’s called MINIBRUTE…

Globaly the MINIBRUTE make me remember the ROLAND SH-101 :

One button, one function ! Simple and damn efficient ! Back to the roots !
Here is an audio example coming from : MiniBrute

The price gonna be arround $550 which is pretty fair I think 😉