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LuSh-101 / D16 Group

Since a few years that seemed an eternity, I was waiting (as many other people) for what was originally called the “Shiotor” and that’s now best known as the LuSH-101. As you probably noticed, the name’s first choice wasn’t really attractive and by far I prefer the name LuSH-101.

To read the full review just look a the PDF document available here :

  LuSH-101 Review

D16 Group – Nepheton

A few months ago, during the “Winters Sales” of D16 Group I bought their Roland TR-808 emulation which is called “Nepheton”.

Visually, the design of the Nepheton doesn’t looks like the Real Roland TR-808…

This visual difference is more a story of protectionism coming from Roland than a real design choice !

The Nepheton is a true analog beat-box emulation, each instrument is synthetised as closer as possible to the originals one allowing a great flexibility for what concern sound tweaking !

As you already know, the Nepheton is an emulation of the Roland TR-808 but it is not only an emulation… The Nepheton goes further by offering more parameters than those given by the original one.

The Nepheton may be configured as mono or stereo but allow a maximum of 12 outputs assignable… It’s said 24 on the D16 group site but it’s not really true because they calculate their 24 like 12 stereo equal 24 mono… In fact, they should say that there are 12 mono or stereo separate channel output assignable.
Because I’m not the first one to complain about this “lie”, I saw on their forum a pseudo technical reason saying that Ableton live is not able to handle more than 16 outputs per VSTi… Ok if it’s so they should give the Nepheton 16 separates outputs instead of 12 don’t you think ?

Excepting the story of the ouputs limitation, I must admit that D16 Group compensate it well by offering a really good sound synthesis full of analog warmth and power !

Since a long time ago, I relied on samples like the Tape 808 sample pack of Goldbaby and I must admit that even if these samples are great, they always the same each time they are triggered which is not the case with the Nepheton sound engine cause it add subtle variations from note to note…

To illustrate what I just said here are two superposed “Snare Drum” waveforms.

And as you will notice, it goes the same way for the “Bass Drum” even if it is more subtle because its made of a pure sine wave.

All of these subtle sound variation are the earth of a good emulation of the original beast. Somes would say that is does’nt sound exactly like the original and even they are right, each real TR-808 has his own sound !

Anyway, the Nepheton is a really good virtual analog beat-box !