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Wave Alchemy – Tape KPR-77

The guys of Wave Alchemy, have recently released a new free sample pack and here is a summary of what is said on their web site.

Tape KPR-77 by Wave Alchemy serves up over 280 free drum samples (recorded directly to 1/4″ analogue tape) from the Korg KPR-77 drum machine.

Tape KPR-77 contains three pre-mapped drum kit patches for use with Kontakt 2, 3, & 4 and Battery 3. Each kit makes use of extensive velocity layering, round robin sample playback and choke groups which in turn capture the quirkiness and expressiveness of the original unit.

If you want to learn more about this release, just follow this link !

Tape KPR-77 – Free drum sample pack

Enjoy !