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Elektron : Octatrack DPS 1

Elektron Octatrack DPS-1

I’ve recently bought the Octatrack from Elektron and I must admit that this machine rocks a lot ! The Octatrack is an intuitive melting pot made of different machines and it’s really difficult to categorize the it !

Anyway, I’m really enjoying the Octatrack because I can feel myself comfortable anywhere with just the Elektron Octatrack, a DSI Mopho, a Korg Monotribe (Amazing Machines Midi kit) and my headphone.

I know that many people are complaining about the “slow learning curve” of the Elektron Octatrack but in my case it took me about 24h (real hours) to master all the functions !
Don’t fear the Octatrack, the Octatrack has been perfectly crafted and every functionnality is intuitive if you understand the logic that lies behind.

What I also like very much, is the fact that the Elektron Machines are evolving machines becoming more and more powerful over time like with the last recent major update (v1.2) which add the “Pickup Machines”.

As soon as possible I’ll try to make some videos about the workflow of the Octatrack starting from the basics up to more complex tricks !