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Dave Smith Instrument – MoPho Refill – Alpha

Here is a small preview of my next Refill, the “MoPho Refill”…
In this small Refill, you’ll find 2 patches (NN-XT, Combinator) and 216 stereo samples (24bit/96Khz) of OSC1 (Sawtooth) + SUBOSC1 (Square) covering a total of 6 octaves with 3 samples per note to allow the “Round Robin” feature…

Yes, Mopho is analog so I could’nt bypass the Round Robin feature…
Each sample has been carefully sampled and sliced, their lenght is about 3/4 of a bar at 120BPM
The Refill size is a bit less than 100MB but the final release will be quite large, probably about 4 giga…

Here is the download link :

MoPho Refill Alpha

Moog Taurus MK II

I’ve recently tested the Taurus MK I soundbank from Loopmasters and this was the occasion for me to make my own Taurus in Reason but with the MK II as model !

This patch is still in beta stage but I think that the present result is on the good way !

I’ve also made a special backdrop for it and here is a screenshot of what it looks like :

And here is the original :

Here is the combinator :

Taurus MK II