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NDS-303 Acid Jam

Here is a small review about the sample pack recently created by “No Dough Music” !

NDS-303 Acid Jam is a large library (about 1.3G) dedicated to the infamous TB-303 made by Roland and I must say that this sample pack is very good and not too expensive !
For 29.99 euros you’ll get more than a thousand TB-303 loops 😉

The sound quality is nearly perfect and every sample was well recorded, cutted and sorted to bring you the best quality and if you are a TB-303 freak (like me), this sample pack is for you !

In my case I bought it because I needed some TB-303 sonorities and that my Monotribe (even if driven by my Octatrack) wasn’t able to clone… I think that it’s the first time ever that such TB-303 dedicated samples pack was released and I must that it’s a good thing…

Ok this sort of sample pack could be “cloned” by a Phocyon from D16 Group but it is not a matter of reproduction because I wanted the pristine TB-303 sound instead of an emulation (which is pretty good I must admit).

So if you want or need a good Acid sample package this one is the one !

Specifications :
• 1265 – 303 Loops in 24bit 44100hz WAV
• 116 – Main TB303 Loops
• 138 – Bassline Loops
• 122 – Square Wave Loops
• 188 – Lead Loops
• 614 – Distortion & Driven Loops
• 87– Fx Loops

Wave Alchemy – Tape KPR-77

The guys of Wave Alchemy, have recently released a new free sample pack and here is a summary of what is said on their web site.

Tape KPR-77 by Wave Alchemy serves up over 280 free drum samples (recorded directly to 1/4″ analogue tape) from the Korg KPR-77 drum machine.

Tape KPR-77 contains three pre-mapped drum kit patches for use with Kontakt 2, 3, & 4 and Battery 3. Each kit makes use of extensive velocity layering, round robin sample playback and choke groups which in turn capture the quirkiness and expressiveness of the original unit.

If you want to learn more about this release, just follow this link !

Tape KPR-77 – Free drum sample pack

Enjoy !

Dave Smith Instrument – MoPho Refill – Alpha

Here is a small preview of my next Refill, the “MoPho Refill”…
In this small Refill, you’ll find 2 patches (NN-XT, Combinator) and 216 stereo samples (24bit/96Khz) of OSC1 (Sawtooth) + SUBOSC1 (Square) covering a total of 6 octaves with 3 samples per note to allow the “Round Robin” feature…

Yes, Mopho is analog so I could’nt bypass the Round Robin feature…
Each sample has been carefully sampled and sliced, their lenght is about 3/4 of a bar at 120BPM
The Refill size is a bit less than 100MB but the final release will be quite large, probably about 4 giga…

Here is the download link :

MoPho Refill Alpha

Moog Taurus MK II

I’ve recently tested the Taurus MK I soundbank from Loopmasters and this was the occasion for me to make my own Taurus in Reason but with the MK II as model !

This patch is still in beta stage but I think that the present result is on the good way !

I’ve also made a special backdrop for it and here is a screenshot of what it looks like :

And here is the original :

Here is the combinator :

Taurus MK II