Tyrell Nexus 6

Here is a small review of a free synth called Tyrell Nexus 6…

It’s a virtual analog software synthetizer with 2 main oscillator, 1 sub-oscillator, 1 noise generator,1 ring modulator, 2 LFO’s, 2 ADSR enveloppe, 2 type of filter LP & BP available in 12db, 24dB, 36dB per octave, a modulation matrix and some miscallenous options.

The Tyrell is also bundled with a large amount of patches. IMHO, this virtual software synthetizer if great you should at least give it a try !

It support the following OS :

  • Microsoft Windows 32bit & 64bit (VST only)
  • MAC OS X (VST & AU)

Each version is available at the following location for download :

  • Mac-User Download HERE
  • PC-User Download HERE

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