Automatic EQ backdrops + demo file

After this apparent period of inactivity, I decided to share these backdrop.They’ve been created for my automatic EQ, but they are yours ūüėČ

Here is a screen shot of my work ! The look is intentionally vintage !

And here are the Backdrops :

Here is a demo file with the special backdrops already assigned :

Auto EQ demo file

Enjoy !

2 thoughts on “Automatic EQ backdrops + demo file”

  1. Hey PHiL,

    Thanks for sharing your work. You have a lot of great stuff here. The link to the “Auto EQ Demo file” is not working. Could you please fix it? Also, could you explain in what scenarios you would us the Auto EQ?


    Noel G.

    1. Right click on the link and select the “save as” option ūüėČ
      An automatic EQ is like the side chain effect of a compressor but here it is not the dynamics that are affected but the frequencies…

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